Baby seat is obligatory requirement for a trip with a baby in a car. And it's not only the norm of law, it is also a safety observance. For everyone parent - life and health of the child are above all, so the main task is to ensure maximum security of the child while riding.

A Child Seat As a Safety Guarantee:

It would be nice to rent a family car to drive to a shopping mall or to the country. A child car seat will guarantee safety and comfort to your child. This is a seat installed inside of a car, where a small passenger is fixed tightly with belts or special seat fasteners.

Our services:

Nascar Transport Services Company provides its clients not only with comfortable and safe cars, but also with free child car seats.

The models available differ in their construction, and the choice depends on two important aspects:

  • your baby’s weight (to 80 pounds);
  • your baby’s age (from 0 to 12).

Each child seat has a shape that fits the body perfectly. This is why your child will feel comfortable during the whole trip.

You are welcome to get qualified help with choosing a car and a perfect child seat model for your baby.


Important Note:
▪ To clarify the current offer, please contact with Customer Support.


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